My Melt! Festival Experience

Facing The Elements

Jedes Jahr aufs Neue zieht das Melt seine Besucher mit einer Mischung aus Elektro und Pop in seinen Bann und besticht durch ein einmaliges Setting. Chris Saulnier aus den USA war dabei und hat sich den vier Elementen gestellt. Wie verrät er hier.
Baukran mit Diskokugel
Das Setting des Melt besticht durch Industrielles Flair

Six weeks ago when I arrived in Leipzig to work at mephisto 97.6 I had never heard of Melt! Festival. Less than a week later I found myself buying a three-day ticket online. It wasn’t a tough decision to attend the festival after seeing the line-up and the venue.  The only thing I didn’t understand was the theme for the festival, which was the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. After spending the weekend at Melt I can now explain why it was the perfect theme for the festival.  

Publikum vor Bühne
Die Sonne brannte auf dem Melt.


Let’s begin with earth. Melt takes place in Ferropolis and the stages sit underneath giant dredging machines no longer used for digging but still looming over the dancing crowd. Joseph Mount of Metronomy compared the machines to dinosaurs and they add unique scenery to an already interesting location. Second, the earth is what the thousands of festivalgoers live on for their weekend stay. I’m not referring to the planet but rather the ground. The ground was packed with tents, pavilions, people, and hundreds of alcohol containers. After some troubles gaining access to the press area I even resorted to interviewing UK DJ and producer Alex Banks sitting on the ground.


The air at melt is complex. It might deliver the heavenly smell of a freshly made Döner one moment and the next the terrible aroma of human feces. The air is also home to flags of guests from around the world that come to the three-day party. Each night the air fills with confetti and bubbles that help decorate the dance floor. Most importantly the air at Melt is always alive with music. It doesn’t matter what time of day or where a person is, music and its vibrations are always in the air, and that’s the true spirit of the festival. Bringing together over a hundred electronica and rock musicians and their fans for a celebration of the music.


Bunt beleuchtete Bühne

Other than sitting around looking interesting, the dredging machines in Ferropolis are home to lights, disco balls and fire. Every once in a while the sky is illuminated by flames shooting upwards from the massive machines. Other than those flames and the ones that festivalgoers used to light grills, cigarettes and other substances, the most fire at the festival came from the sun. It was brutally hot at Melt and sunburned faces were very common by the end of the weekend.


This extreme heat led to people rushing for water. They crowded public drinking faucets, sprayed each other with water and most commonly took refuge in the lake. Ferropolis is surrounded by the Gremminer See and I was certainly happy it is. I often dove into the lake among the people and the rafts to cool off from the scorching heat.

After my stay at Melt! Festival I was exhausted. My feet were sore, my cheeks red from the sun, my ears still ringing from the speakers and my body covered in dirt, but none of that was important. What was important to me was spending a weekend celebrating music and enjoying the company of great friends. It was a festival I will never forget and I hope to be back. 




Chris Saulnier
22.07.2014 - 09:56