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Russkoe Radio, or Russkoje Radio, has been an established source of entertainment based in Moscow since its launch in 1995. Diverging from politics, the station captivates its audience with a plethora of amusement content. Aside from broadcasting popular music charts and featuring emerging Russian artists, Russkoe Radio keeps its listeners informed of upcoming events throughout Russia. Each morning, 'Russian Peppers' launches the day on a vibrant note, casting aside the doldrums with a delightful blend of Russian chanson and techno.

The station has held a notable position in the Russian radio industry for over two decades, spreading joy and amusement to its followers. Its unique sound features a myriad of musical genres, ranging from the enthusiastic vibes of pop and dance to the melodic harmonies of Russian chanson. As a consequence, it has generated an immense community of music fans, serving as a trustworthy platform for discovering burgeoning artists in the Russian music business.

Furthermore, Russkoe Radio extends its reach and power by partnering with a wide-reaching system of allied radio stations throughout Russia. By joining forces, they guarantee that individuals from a diversity of regions can connect and take pleasure in the vast selection of content put forth by the station.

While the primary focus of Russkoe Radio is entertainment, they don't offer news broadcasts or TV shows. Nevertheless, the station has been an imperative source for music devotees, being a go-to location for the hottest hits and current trends in the Russian music scene. It also gives listeners insights into upcoming events, allowing them to keep up to date and make plans for their entertainment experiences.

To access Russkoe Radio, listeners can do so by a variety of ways, such as through their official website, online radio directories such as radio.de, and mobile applications. Both in Russia and abroad, this station enables devotees of Russian music worldwide to take pleasure in the charming sounds of Russkoe Radio. You can listen to Russkoe Radio for free and live online on the site RadioMephisto.de, a popular radio portal offering a wide range of stations.

(499) 5797709
123298, Moscow, 3rd Khoroshevskaya st., 12

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  • 105.7 FM
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